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Welcome to Old School!

Old School is a guild dedicated to having fun, and creating a warm community where everyone feels comfortable being themselves, letting loose, and making friends. We are a guild dedicated to helping our members grow and encouraging interaction among members. Our founding principle is that UO is an MMO, so we might as well play with people we enjoy. So no matter what you like to do, PvP, PvM, hunts, or just hang around and chat, you will fit in here.

As a member of Old School, you will be expected to treat your guildmates with respect at all times and handle any disputes with dignity, feel free to ask for an emissary to arbitrate if necessary. Respecting your guildmates includes, but is not limited to: asking for permission to attack them if you wish to spar, never stealing from a guild member, and trying to help them when they ask, if it is within your abilities. Though it is not a requirement, we ask that you display a guild tag somewhere over your head and be proud of the guild you now call your friends. Above all else, just have fun and enjoy the game.

Guild hunts happen often, but can be rather sporadic. Feel free to invite yourself along on any hunt announced in guild chat, whether you think you can contribute or not, all experiences teach us our limits and our capabilities. But most of all, they help us become more powerful. Guild meetings will be called as little as possible, but when called please do your best to attend as the decisions are made by those who show up.

As we are a relatively new guild, our spawn hunts usually stay out of Felucca, although we occasionally do hunt in Felucca for PVP purposes. As we grow, so will our ability to take out tougher bosses more often. As of now, we can already handle any champion spawn, and most SA bosses. If there is ever a hunt you would like to propose, please feel free to get a group going in guild chat.

Potential new members may join by being sponsored by current members or with sponsorship from an emissary. Sponsors will be responsible for familiarizing the new member with our guild. If you are new and do not feel that you have a grasp on the ideals of our guild, please let an emissary or guild leader know that you would like to recruit someone.

As has been stated before, try to always have fun without impeding the fun of others and never forget Old School only rule "Do what you want, when you want, have fun at all costs except at the costs of alliance members.’

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Johnny LeVene, Nov 2, 12 12:59 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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